We design and produce TFT Thermo Fused Texture boards, HPL High Pressure Laminates and Compact HPL.

TFT Thermo Fused Texture

We produce TFT Thermo Fused Texture boards with high technical and aesthetic features in many thicknesses and various substrates. We create realizations with synchronized finishes, deeply embossed structures and unique decors.

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TFT solutions

TFT Thermo Fused Texture boards can be produced with various cores or solutions.

Particleboard and MDF

We offer particleboard and MDF substrates in Standard, Hydro with high moisture resistance, Euroclass B with fire retardant properties, EPA with reduced formaldehyde content in conformity with USA standard.

Compact Board

Compact Board is an MDF panel with black core, that can be installed without the use of an edge leaving the black thickness at sight, or can be machined revealing the black core.


Poplar OSB that can be surfaced with most of the decors and textures of the range. DWELS has high performance: lower water absorption, no added formaldehyde, light, very resistant to flexion and screw tear.

TFT Magneto

Magneto is a SM’art TFT Thermo Fused Texture panel containing a thin steel sheet that allows the sticking of magnetic accessories. The attraction strength depends on the magnetic camp generated by the magnet. Magneto panels have the usual dimension 3050×2070mm, but the steel sheet covers the size 3040×2050mm.

TFT Silent

Silent is made with a 19 mm Compact Board core (black MDF) machined with longitudinal routing on one side and transversal on the other side. The routings are 11 mm deep, 5 mm wide and with interaxe 30 mm. Where the routings meet create square through holes that absorb the noise.

MDF one side

We manufacture thin MDF boards surfaced on one side, particularly indicated for interior doors.

HPB High Pressure Board

HPB is a solution that we can produce with all the decors, textures and substrates of our range. It consists of a laminate pressed directly on the required board. The customer won’t need the gluing. The surface is much more resistant to hit and abrasion and can be used also horizontally.

Chrome HPB

Chrome HPB has the same characteristics as HPB but with a white core laminate instead of brown core.

HPL High Pressure Laminates

All the items of the TFT Thermo Fused Texture panels range have a perfect coordinated 3050×2050 mm HPL laminates, with identical decors and finishes, even with Synchropore. We produce also a range of 4200×1400 mm HPL laminates for tops, often coordinated with the TFT Thermo Fused Texture panels.

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Compact HPL

We produce a range of Compact HPL often coordinated with TFT Thermo Fused Texture panels and HPL laminates. Compact HPL can have the core of various colors.

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ABS Edges

A product which completes and aesthetically trims the finished piece. We develop our edges to perfectly match our decors and finishes, guaranteeing a sense of continuity. We stock numerous edges coordinate to the surfaces of TFT Thermo Fused Texture and laminates.


We produce a range of panels with high visual effects, particularly indicated for the interior decoration. Matrix is made of a methacrylate core surfaced with HPL and then machined to be backlit.  

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