We are a young, dynamic and flexible company that designs and produces, with passion and creativity, an exclusive range of decorative panels and laminates.

We are a constantly evolving company that has made innovation its mission, adopting a new creative and productive approach.

We aim to create astounding design materials with a strong Made in Italy connotation, not only as a concept, but indeed as the majority of the raw materials we use come from Italy.

By investing in equipment and valuable raw materials, we are able to conceive and craft unique decors and finishes in order to create products that convey emotions, materials with a soul.
Through collaboration with architects and designers, the artists of today, we want to create a hotbed of ideas that allows us to pursue the dream of a high-end bottega.

Why orange?

Orange was SM’art’s distinctive trait from the start, its signature, its colour.

We chose it because it reflects our feelings: it is the emblem of creativity and optimism.

It is the sum of two primary colours and brings with it the explosive power of red, mitigated by the energetic cheerfulness of yellow: it’s a colour for all seasons and it comes in countless shades.

Orange has always been associated with well-being, with conviviality and, in general, with a feeling of contentment, and at SM’art we want to make sure that the intention with which we create and manufacture all our products translates into the pleasure of using them, in order to stimulate and satisfy both the sight and the touch. That’s why we sign everything with the color, that better than any other, reflects this philosophy: the fiery orange of the dawn of a new day, bearer of stimuli and novelties.

Green mission

At SM’art we have undertaken a path to improve the impact of our production: respect for the environment, attention to sustainability and use of clean and renewable energies, our green mission follows all these paths.

We’re proud to do our part and we’re committed in the energy transition, to contribute to the increase in the percentage of final consumption of energy coming from renewable sources, in particular through photovoltaics.

That’s why we have equipped ourselves with a “green roof”, built in 2018 for our factory: a photovoltaic panel system for a production of approximately 400 kWh.

In the name of renewable energy and sensitivity to the environment, we have invested in eco-sustainable means for the internal handling of materials.
Thanks to our electric forklifts that work with lithium-ion batteries, we reduce energy consumption.

The factory lightening has been converted, investing in a total LED installation which allows a drastic reduction of the energy consumption.

Thanks to our well, the water used in the company comes directly from subsoil, enabling us not to waste precious resources of potable water.

We also pay a great attention to the use of raw materials in the products we use and transform; all products from forest origin belong to a certified Chain of Custody that guarantees responsible collection in the name of safeguarding biodiversity, carbon isolation and improving water supply. Furthermore, the raw materials we use contain, on average, a minimum of 39% of recycled materials.

Finally, our sense of responsibility for a lower environmental impact is witnessed by the separate collection in which we are committed over the 50%.
At SM’art we therefore invest in environmental sustainability and are committed to building a greener and human-sized world: our products are destined to enter the homes and daily lives of the final user and it is important for us that they convey our message and our commitment to a better future.


We are special for many reasons, here the most important ones.

Synchronized surfaces

The Synchronized surfaces have the exact same layout in finish and decoration, making the surface much more realistic and natural. We produce register surfaces on TFT panels, HPL laminates and compact HPL, making coordinates even more exclusive.

Textured finishes

Our aim is to create emotional finishes which give tactile and visual experiences.

Coordinated range

We offer a range of coordinated products: the TFT panel for the vertical surfaces, the HPL laminate for curved and horizontal surfaces, the self-supporting compact HPL for tops and tables, the ABS edge to finish the elements.

Availability and flexibility

We stock a great number of items in order to offer a rapid and widespread service even for small quantities. Minimum orders are accepted, even from production of a few units.

Impact resistance

We specialize in very deep finishes which are produced in most cases with a heavy barrier between the base board and the decor. The barrier greatly increases the impact resistance of the surface.

Water resistance

The surfaces of our panels are completely waterproof.

Easy to clean

Thanks to a very high resin content, our surfaces are low-porous and therefore very easy to clean.

Resistance to bacteria

The surface of our panels, laminates and compacts has strong antibacterial features.

Attention to the environment

All the raw materials from forest origin that we use belong to a certified chain of custody that guarantees responsible collection in the name of safeguarding biodiversity.